MediLodge of Novi ... Coming Soon

MediLodge of Novi will be a premier MediLodge center designed to create a Haven for Healing.  This Rehabilitation destination is being created to provide a wellness and recovery experience second to none.   Helping speed recovery from illness or injury is of primary importance to us but at the same time our goal is to provide a place to rejuvenate and revitalize. At MediLodge of Novi we will look upon all we treat as individuals – because we’re well aware that Rehabilitation Therapy is a singular experience.

We will adapt our treatment plans to each Lodger's individual needs. Our physicians and expert staff will listen, and partner with our patients and their families to create a uniquely appropriate healing environment.  Our intent will be to remove as many impediments to successful recovery as possible.

Thus, within our unique “Wellness Lodge” setting, we provide just what patients need to quickly …RECOVERREJUVENATEREVITALIZE • and RETURN HOME!

Announcing the appointment of our Medical Director Dr. Nisha Chellam MD
For details see the Wellness Staff Tab

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